Each instrument is a
reflection of my character

reflection of my character.
reflection of my character

The story

Travelling the world as a German violin maker is a rich and rewarding experience. By visiting different countries and cultures I gain new inspiration from local craftsmanship, musicians and artists. Thus I can build new relations and collaborations, and seek out opportunities to learn from others. These experiences inspire my own work and enable me to share my love of music with people around the world.

Currently I am based in the wonderful MENA region with its rich tradition. My instruments are worldwide available for trial and for sale in selected workshops. Please feel free to contact me or check the store finder.

New instruments

As a traditional violin maker I take great pride in using only the finest tonewoods and century old techniques when it comes to building my own instruments. They meet both artisan precision and a remarkable sound quality. My violins, viola, celli and double basses feature a rich, warm tone that is perfect for solo and ensemble playing.

The hand-carved spruce top and flamed maple back and sides produce a depth and complexity of sound that only handmade instruments can provide. Each instrument is carefully inspected and adjusted to ensure optimal playability, and the varnish enhances the natural beauty of the wood. I am looking forward to creating your custom made instrument that meets your individual needs and preferences.

"The details are breathtaking. Jakob did an amazing job building this bass for me. And honestly I can’t picture myself without this bass."
Samar Hafez

"I’m honoured to be owner of the double bass made by Jakob Motter since 2016 (when I won it at Sperger Competition). This instrument is a truly a masterpiece of double bass making. Its comfortable scale makes even the hardest pieces easy to play."
Marek Romanowski

"Jakob Motter hears, thinks, and builds with an open mind. That, combined with his craftsmanship, is a rare combination. I look forward to playing the instrument he built me as long as I am able."
Christopher Williams

"Seit 2016 spiele ich einen 5-Saiter von Jakob Motter, in unterschiedlichsten Besetzungen, von Kammermusik bis Sinfonieorchester mit Chor. Das Instrument spielt sich mit Leichtigkeit und klingt gleichzeitig warm und transparent - so gut, dass es sogar anderen Menschen auffällt."
Guido Großmann

Exclusive Offers

All instruments on display are currently available. Besides my own instruments, I do also offer a fine selection of old and new instruments from reputable makers. I also offer custom modifications to enhance your playing experience.

Cello by Jakob Motter

Creator: Jakob Motter
Origin: Berlin
Build Year: 2023


Lucien Schmitt

Creator: Lucien Schmitt
Origin: Grenoble
Build Year: 1937


Stentor J.B. Vuillaume

Creator: Werkstatt  Vuillaume
Origin: Paris
Build Year: est. 1850


St.Cecille des Thernes

Creator: Werkstatt Vuillaume  
Origin: Paris
Build Year: 1825



I have years of experience in breathing new life in any kind of instrument whether it be a violin, viola, cello or double bass, from simple repairs to complete restorations. I am aware of the emotional connection between musicians and their instruments, and I take great care to preserve the character and history of each instrument I work on.


I carry everything I need in a compact and portable case, so I can set up my shop and start crafting exquisite violins wherever I go. My mobile workshop is highly adaptable to various environments and designed to be portable, making it easy to move around and travel from place to place. It also is climate-controlled to protect the wood from changes in temperature and humidity. By the way, this is just an idea for a mobile workshop section with a placeholder text.

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